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Server Rules

--General Rules--

1. Do not RDM (Random Death Match) or CDM (Car Death Match) for any reason. This includes killing someone for a reason outside of RP AKA Revenge, Being An Ass, or anything in that Category.

2. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule). New Life Rule applies every time you die, and lasts for 300 seconds. You have no memory of your previous life unless revived by a medic or otherwise and cannot return to the place of your death until the NLR time period runs out, regardless of any possible event.

3. No metagaming. Metagaming means using in character (IC) information to out of character (OOC) chat or any other outside source.

4. No punch-whoring (excessive random punching of players). Do not randomly hit people with your fists or a bat for no reason.

5. Vehicle climbing or people stacking is not allowed unless it is able to be done realistically. You cannot use props, vehicles, or people in order to reach a part of the map you would not normally be able to reach. Also, you cannot make ramps to see over certain areas while basing and you cannot jump onto the roof or awnings of shops.

6. Prop surfing, climbing, pushing, boosting and blocking are strictly prohibited. Meaning, you cannot use props to gain access to places you normally wouldn't be able to access.

7. Suiciding/disconnecting to avoid RP/admin action is strictly prohibited.

8. Bases may not be built to force a person to crouch or jump to enter.

9. Must give warning prior to firing upon someone in the act of walking upon your property.

10. May only kill people that are a threat or on property during a raid.

11. No racism, minging, disrespecting other players or admins, trolling, advertising, spamming of chat or mic, griefing, or constant complaining.

12. No abuse of OOC or Advert. Meaning use advert for rp reasons only as well as not complaining about servers issues in OOC.

13. No hacking, exploiting, botting or scripting.

14. No building in base during raids.

15. Must have RP reason to kill a cop.

16. Gangs may not team up they are different gangs for a reason.

17. No baiting cops.

18. No blowing up cars randomly.

19. Do not put vehicles in an non RP place. Meaning do not drive your vehicle into a building unless it is a garage.

20. Must wait 30 minutes before raiding the same building.

21. Must own all doors if you plan on using multiple properties as a base.

22. Any damage done to another persons property initiates a raid.

23. Kidnappings of mayor must wait 15 minutes between kidnappings, Ransom can be a max of $5,000.

24. Do not disconnect and reconnect just to avoid a situation.

25. Do not job abuse.

26. Must /me every weapon/entitiy (EX: /me Unholsters Glock And Flicks Saftey [OFF])

27. Max you can mug for is $3000.

28. Max time you can kidnap for is 15 minutes. (Make sure you keep the RP interesting)


30. Do NOT kill officers for giving you a ticket. This is a minor infraction and you don't see people killing officers over tickets.

31. Fail driving within city limits is NEVER allowed. This means that you must follow all road signs and traffic lights/follow the speed limit at ALL times.

--Police Rules--

-One minute in RP is equal to 1 Year in prison, The max amount of time you are allowed to imprison someone is 20 minutes AKA 20 years--

1. Use the police computer in the jail cells to make people wanted or access it in any police vehicle. (Must Be VIP To Access Computer In Vehicle)

2. Use the police computer in the jail cells to place a warrant or access it in any police vehicle. (Must Be VIP To Access Computer In Vehicle)

3. Government Officials must use /me when pulling a weapon.

4. A member of the government must see an illegal entity entering a house for a warrant to be put in place.

5. Left click with the ticket clipboard to issue a ticket.

6. Arrest a driver if driving without a license.

7. Shotguns and Handguns are both weapons that are legal to own.

8. Must inform other units when conducting a traffic stop.

9. Ranking Structure for the government officials are:

Cadet - Still learning the ropes, waiting to be recommended for acceptance; must stay inside police department unless accompanied by a CPL+.

Officer [OFC] - Brand new to the force, listen to all superiors and follow the police rules! Can only patrol with a vehicle when a CPL+ is accompanying them. Foot patrol is allowed.

Corporal [CPL] - Have some experience and can patrol with a vehicle by themselves.

Sergeant [SGT] - Can recommend Cadets for promotion to the Captain.

Staff Sergeant [SSgt] - In charge of internal affairs. Investigate complaints against officers.

Police Lieutenant [LT] - Has authority to demote officers for misconduct. Deals with Staff Sergeants findings and makes an informed decision.

Police Captain [CAPT] - Has authority to promote Cadets to full Officers.

Deputy Chief [DChief] - Main duties consist of promoting officers through the ranks.

S.W.A.T [SWAT] - Special tactical unit. Main duties consist of conducting raids. You are NOT a police officer so do NOT act the part. You may only patrol the inner-city. You may NOT conduct traffic stops or give out ticket infractions, leave this to the police. Although you are considered a higher rank than Deputy Chief, you have no authority over police officers.

Chief [Chief] - Political figure. In charge of the entire police department. Can promote/demote at any time.

FBI - You are an undercover agent. Your job is to grow drugs with people and bust them. You can help the police out by pulling people over and handing out traffic violations but you may NOT be in your FBI uniform unless you are partaking in a S.W.A.T raid. You are considered a higher rank than the Chief of Police, but you are NOT in police jurisdiction. This means that you have no authority over officers and vise versa.

Mayor - This job has all of the power. Mayor can tell any government worker to do anything he or she wants (within reason). You must listen to the mayor or risk a blacklist from your job.

10. Each person should have a drivers licence, you can check this using your tool. If the person does not have a licence they are subject to being arrested.

11. There is no such thing as a corrupt officer. If you are corrupt you risk being blacklisted.

12. If S.W.A.T is online then wait for them to initiate a raid.

13. Do not pullover other government officials unless absolutely necessary.

14. The arrest system is not automatic you must first handcuff then put them in the car, you would then bring them to the prison for holding or full arrest.

15. You must listen to your superiors or risk being blacklisted.

16. You must read out the Miranda Rights to any suspect you are arresting:

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?"

17. Fines are pre-set in the ticket menu. You may only issue TWO infractions per person at a time.

18. Arresting Guidelines Are:

Drugs/Illegal Entities - (1-8 Years)

Reckless Driving - (1-5 Years)

Assault - (1-5 Years)

Murder - (15-20 Years)

Kidnapping - (10-15 Years)

Manslaughter - (10-15 Years)

Driving With No Licence - (5-10 Years)

Mugging/Robbery/Raiding - (10-15 Years)
(Use reasonable discretion when handing out jail sentences)

19. Do not interfere with people who are taking the driving test. The test is designed to test the drivers reaction time, thus it may look like he or she is reckless driving.

20. All Cadets must acquire a drivers licence before they can even be considered for an officer position.

[These rules are subject to change and/or be improved. It is recommended that you read the server rules once a week.]

--Government Codes--

10-4 (Acknowledged)
10-7 (Out Of Service)
10-8 (In-Service)
10-20 (What Is Your Location)
10-28 (What Is The Vehicle Description)
10-76 (En-Route To [Blank] )
10-78 (Requesting Additional units to my location [Blank] )
10-32 (Man With Gun)
10-35 (Major Crime)
10-52 (Ems Required At [Blank] )
10-38 (Stopping Suspicious Vehicle)
[Code 2] (Come To Location With No Lights Or Siren)
[Code 3] (Come To Location With Lights And Siren)
[Code 4] (Scene Clear)
[Code 6] (Stay Away/Clear)

--Shop Keeper--

1. Do not self supply. (This rule is bypassed when no other shopkeepers are online)

2. Do not go on raids on other shops.

3. Sell to all do not be selfish.
More May Be Added

--Fire Fighters--

1. Do not hit others with the fire axe.

2. Do not block traffic with the fire truck.

3. Must respond to all calls that are made.

4. Do not ignore fires, that's your job.. Put them out.

5. Officers are considered higher ranks than you. Listen to them.
More May Be Added


1. Must respond to all calls.

2. Do not impede traffic with the ambulance.

3. Do your best to respond to all calls as fast as possible.

4. Officers are considered higher ranks than you. Listen to them.
More May Be Added

--Road Crew--

1. Do not just tow any random vehicle.

2. Must have permission from police or owner of the vehicle to tow.

3. You must tow/fix all government vehicles for free.

4. Officers are considrered higher ranks than you. Listen to them.
More May Be Added

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